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Capturing Dreams

In a wedding day, every single aspects matter and those moments will be the valuable décor of the day. Bringing those moments into the frames without losing the emotion is called the art of wedding photography. Telling your story through enthralling photos will make the words to rest for a while!

Apart from the flowers and jewels, the bride and the groom are the cynosures of the day. Only photographs have the ability to rejuvenate the memories of an auspicious event. They will give you a vivid throwback rather than faded memories.

We, Addition weddings, are a group of wedding photojournalists who are enthusiasts in capturing the love-struck moments of the newlywed. We keep the spirit of the wedding in each photo we capture, and the picture will tell the story of the day. The blend of tradition and modern style in wedding reflects in the drama, décor, and emotions; our wedding photography fills all these in a frame.

Family portfolio

Each family consists of members who are unique in nature. So the family portrait will reflect the uniqueness of your clan. Set in a scenic backdrop, family portraits are captured with the true emotion of the time. Sometimes, capturing the moments at home gives them the feeling of nestling in their own environment.

Model portfolio

Doesn’t matter if you are in the nascent stage or standing in the zenith of modeling, a model portfolio can be helpful to boost your career. Establish your own style in modeling through our portfolio and explore genres. Keep some simple shots of you as an asset for your career.

Wedding photography

Wedding photography is an art of capturing once in a lifetime moment without losing its spontaneity. Place a bookmark on your wedding album to experience those wonderful moments again. A destination wedding will make your wedding album more attractive. Never compromise on your wedding day because you deserve the best on your D Day.

Child portfolio

This is the perfect time to document your cute toddler’s picture and make them excited in future! Imagine how cute it would be to create an album overloaded with cuteness. If it is set outdoor, you can capture the complete innocents of your child and you will get their fantastic pictures!

Candid photography

Candid photography became ubiquitous especially in the field of wedding photography. Candid photography has its own signature in the photography field because it reflects spontaneous emotion rather than posing in the photograph. Candid photography works best when you don’t even know the presence of the camera and live in the situation.

Maternity photography

Maternity photography reflects the aura of motherhood and the divine purity of becoming a mother. The smile of blessed feeling can be portrayed in the pregnancy photography. The emotional moments of mother and child can make an excellent theme in the maternity photography.
Adorned with creativity and talent, our photographers and editors assure incredible photos and videos of your wedding. We fill hearts with happy memories. So let us fill in your heart with beautiful memories for a lifetime.

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Narrate your wedding royally with the best storytellers – Addiction weddings. Build on love and trust, weddings bring everyone together and is the most beautiful thing in the world.